Daycare Mystery Smells and How to Eliminate Them

Whether you run a daycare or have little kids running around your home, it’s easy for daytime wetting or other potty accidents to happen when little kids are in the mix. The hard part is removing the stain and odor.

Daytime wetting for toilet-trained children, also known as diurnal enuresis, occurs in 4 percent of children ages 4-12, according to Cincinnati’s Children Hospital. That’s a lot of pee, and that’s not including toddlers who are learning to use the toilet.

While a potty mishap isn’t fun to clean, urine removal is crucial to a sanitary and fresh-smelling space. If a child has an accident, it’s best to attack the problem as soon as possible to reduce lingering odors and discoloration in fabrics. That’s because the longer urine is in contact with fabrics and fibers, the harder it is to remove due to its acidity.

Is it urine you’re smelling?

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out where an odor comes from. Urine usually has a distinct smell, but under normal circumstances, the odor is relatively mild and not super noticeable. However, if left uncleaned (or due to certain biological conditions), urine can give a room a pungent smell of ammonia that’s hard to escape. Nobody wants that!

It’s crucial to find the spot as soon as possible and clean it up immediately to avoid any lingering funkiness.

Bleach is not the answer

Did you know children and adults who don’t have asthma can develop respiratory symptoms from bleach and other small amounts of chemicals in cleaning products? Asthma is one of the leading chronic illnesses among children in the U.S., so it’s best to avoid consistent usage in places where people hang out.

If you’re considering using bleach in your daycare or around your home, just remember that the bleach smell can last for days. Always ventilate the area by opening doors and windows when using bleach because it can cause headaches, nausea, fatigue and burning eyes.

But why go through that trouble when you can use a safe sanitizer like Gonzo Disinfectant Lavender Wipes? It’s an easy choice.

A better way to remove urine odors

If you’re looking for an odor remover, air freshener and sanitizer to help you handle potty accidents, Gonzo offers three amazing 3-in-1 products to help tidy up: Gonzo Disinfectant, Gallon and Wipes in both Citrus or Lavender scents.

For the trigger bottle: Simply spray the problem area, let it sit for 10 minutes and wipe away. Gonzo Disinfectant Spray kill 99.9% of bacteria in minutes and leaves you with a relaxing lavender scent.

For the wipes: Simply wipe the hard surface until wet, let it sit for a few minutes and air dry. That’s it! These ready-to-use wipes keep your surfaces disinfected, clean and smelling fresh.

For the gallon: This is not a concentrate, so you don’t need to dilute it in water or bleach. For hardwood or tile floors, simply swap in Gonzo Disinfectant for your floor cleaner and mop or wipe away bacteria in minutes.

These products can handle almost anything. They also eliminate bacteria, mold, mildew and non-fresh food odors.

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