How Does Bamboo Charcoal Remove Odors?

Odors happen. It’s never fun when they creep into our spaces, but we’ve all been there. From stuffy closets to a rank gym bag to smelly pet areas, funky smells can strike anywhere. 

But how about getting rid of those odors instead of just masking them with a scented spray? Meet Gonzo’s Bamboo Charcoal Odor Eliminator.

A safe and powerful alternative compared to other odor eliminators and air fresheners, Bamboo Charcoal provides off-the-charts absorption capabilities to purify the air and get rid of tough odors.

  • Bamboo Charcoal is activated by changing the charcoal’s structure to increase its surface area. This makes it very porous. More pores mean better absorption.
  • With millions of microscopic pores, Bamboo Charcoal easily traps odor, pollutants and moisture from the air.
  • While the bags absorb non-pure air particles, they aren’t a black hole. The Bamboo Charcoal still allows airflow through its pores to clean and purify the air around it.
  • After 30-60 days of use, the bags can be recharged and reused after placing them in direct sunlight for at least one hour. This capability allows for you to use the same product for up to one year.

It’s an all-natural, nontoxic and allergen-free solution. That means it’s the perfect air deodorizer for any space with kids or pets because it isn’t loaded with the masking chemicals found in other deodorizers. So if you’re worried about removing pet odors or getting rid of that strange car odor (note to self: don’t let Uncle Terry borrow your car again), Bamboo Charcoal is a fantastic all-natural alternative that’s safe to use in any space.


Some of the most popular places to place Gonzo’s Bamboo Charcoal Odor Eliminator bags include bathrooms, laundry rooms, shoes, luggage, closets, athletic bags, cars, pet areas and garbage cans. Each 10g of activated charcoal covers 4 square feet of space.

It’s perfect for business travelers worried about their luggage getting musty on a long trip — just throw a bag in your bag — or college students looking to neutralize tough dorm odors. It’s uses are boundless.

Odors happen. Now you’ll be ready.