Eliminating Odors Versus Covering Odors

Why cover up a bad smell with perfume when you can remove the odor completely? While some products might help mask funky smells in your home, they act more like temporary Band-Aids than real solutions. Do you really want to use extreme scents to mask a problem? We don’t either.

Enter Gonzo Odor Air Magnet Max, an easy answer for odor removal in almost any space. The Air Magnet Max odor remover, which works in areas up to 450 square feet, offers something the competition doesn’t have: Activated charcoal.

The magnet-like attraction of activated charcoal offers twice the power with incredible absorption capabilities. It purifies the air and gets rid of stubborn odors at the same time. The Air Magnet Max is a safe and powerful alternative compared to other odor absorbers and air fresheners.

Gonzo vs. The Competition

The Gonzo Odor Air Magnet is hypo-allergenic and great for those with kids or pets. It works against smoke remains, cooking odors, urine stench, paint fumes, mold smells and other unwanted odors that may exist for up to 90 days.

How Gonzo Odor Air Magnet Max outperforms the competition:

  • Lasts 90 days or more
  • Doesn’t mask odors
  • More effective when removing smoke malodors
  • No harmful perfumes or chemicals
  • Larger jar for greater surface area coverage
  • Doesn’t require electricity like plug-ins
  • Unlike odor-eliminating cones that are temperature sensitive, Gonzo can be left in any climate with the same great level of performance.

The Gonzo Odor Air Magnet Max is a simple solution to help you keep any space smelling fresh.