How to Clean & Disinfect Urine Stains

Pet urine stains are unfortunate and frequent if you have young animals. Here's an easy way to clean and disinfect surfaces after urine stains.
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Instructions for Disinfecting Pet Urine Stains

We love our pets but not the little accidents they often leave around our homes. Cats and dogs of all ages are prone to having accidents. Save yourself the trouble of dealing with urine issues and bad odors by using the Gonzo Odor Eliminator. Pet urine can cause damage to floors and carpets, and if not treated immediately can lead to noticeable odor, growth of bacteria, potential for mold and permanent color change.

That’s why the Gonzo Odor Eliminator is a necessity to all pet owners and the perfect tool for cleaning and disinfecting urine accidents before it’s too late. In addition to removing the bad odor, this solution of natural ingredients will target bacteria and keep your surfaces looking new.

How to Remove Pet Urine Stains
  1. Pour Gonzo Odor Eliminator into spray bottle for easy application
  2. Spray onto the stain about 6-8 inches from the surface
  3. Leave stain wet for 10 minutes
  4. Wipe dry with a clean cloth
  5. Change spray bottle when visibly dirty

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