Odor Air Magnet Max with Essential Oils - Linen Fragrance

Odor Air Magnet Max with Essential Oils is a highly effective odor removing gel that uses ingredients that cause a chemical reaction that removes the toughest of odors. The magnet like attraction of essential oils and activated charcoals removes the odor and replaces it with a light scent. This format is great for removal of smoke remains, cooking odors, urine stench, paint fumes, mold smells and other unwanted odors that may exist.

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Great for pet, smoke, paint, solvents, mildew, fire damage, cooking, wet carpets and many more odors. Use in homes, vehicles, boats and offices.

Features and Benefits

  • Safe for use around pets and children
  • Last for up to 90 days
  • Covers 450 sq ft
  • Contains essential oils and other ingredients – no synthetic perfumes or chemicals
  • Removes odors that don't just mask them
  • Light linen scent for increased calmness
  • Place in: Offices, homes, cars, litter boxes, bathrooms, storage rooms, closets and other areas where odor is an issue
  • Great for removing Pet stench, smoke vapors, trash, mildew, cooking residue, urine, paint fumes, mold odors and other nasty smells

Size: 14 oz

1. Twist off lid, remove protective seal and replace lid on jar.
2. Place jar near odor source. For maximum effectiveness, remove lid and increase air flow.

Absorbs odors in 450 square foot area and lasts up to 90 days. Gel will shrink with time.

How long on average does this product last?

Odor Air Magnet with Essential Oils will eliminate odors for up to 90 days.

How large of an area does this cover?

Absorbs odors in 450 square foot area.

Does the Odor Air Magnet have a scent?

Yes, replace those musty smells with a light and airy linen fragrance.

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