Odor Air Magnet Max with Activated Charcoal - Fragrance Free


Gonzo Natural Magic Odor Air Magnet Max is fragrance free and works like a sponge to eliminate unwanted odors. The activated charcoal absorbs and effectively destroys and neutralizes unwanted odors fast!

Great for pet, smoke, paint, solvents, mildew, fire damage, cooking, wet carpets and many more odors. Use in homes, vehicles, boats and offices.

Size: 14 oz

  1. Twist off lid, remove protective seal and replace lid on jar.
  2. Place jar near odor source. For maximum effectiveness, remove lid and increase air flow.

Absorbs odors in 450 square foot area and lasts up to 90 days. Gel will shrink with time.

How long on average does this product last?

Odor Air Magnet will eliminate odors for up to 90 days.

How large of an area does this cover?

Absorbs odors in 450 square foot area.

What is the black stuff on the top of the gel?

This is activated charcoal which enhances Odor Elimination by absorbing, neutralizing and altering unwanted odors. Odors are held to the surface of charcoal for effective odor removal.

Is the Odor Air Magnet unscented?

Yes, this odor eliminator is fragrance free.

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