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  • Spring Cleaning: Absorbing All Those Musty Odors

    At Gonzo, we’re pumped to spend more time outdoors, so we’re putting away our winter apparel and bringing out some of our spring and summer gear. Join us on our journey as we transition into spring and provide you with recommendations to keep your home fresh and all musty odors at bay.

  • Eliminating Odors Versus Covering Odors

    Why cover up a bad smell with perfume when you can remove the odor completely? While some products might help mask funky smells in your home, they act more like temporary Band-Aids than real solutions. Do you really want to use extreme scents to mask a problem? We don’t either.

  • Does Your Home Have a Musty, Mildew Smell?

    If you’ve ever walked into a musty garage or dank basement and felt like you’ve been punched in the nose with a damp or dirty-sock-like smell, there’s a chance its mold or mildew.

    Often found in damp environments where mold spores thrive, mold and mildew can grow in the right conditions in as little as 24 hours — some people say it smells like rotting wood. That’s why it’s best to hustle if you catch a whiff in your gym bag or basement.