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Safety Treads

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Improve the safety of your bathtub with Magic Safety Treads. They adhere directly to the tub surface and provide a slip resistant surface for firmer footing in the tub.


Additional Supplies Needed: Scouring powder or other bathroom cleaner as specified below, rubbing (isopropyl) alcohol, paper towel or clean rags.

Surface Preparation: Follow instructions carefully for proper adhesion. Treads should only be applied to surfaces that are flat, smooth, dry and above 50° F (10° C). 1. Clean surface where treads will be applied. For porcelain, cast-iron and steel surfaces, clean with warm water and scouring powder. For fiberglass, ABS and other plastic surfaces, clean according to manufacturer's instructions. IMPORTANT: Do not use liquid or aerosol cleaners to prepare tub. Treads will not adhere properly. 2. Thoroughly rinse surface. Wipe dry. 3. Wipe surface with rubbing alcohol to remove all residue and allow to air dry completely.


  1. Separate treads from each other leaving paper backing in place on individual treads.
  2. Arrange treads in desired pattern. For safest footing, space treads one to three inches apart.
  3. Remove backing from one tread at a time, taking care not to touch adhesive.
  4. Press treads firmly in place from middle outward. Run your fingers firmly over entire tread to ensure good adhesion with surface. 5. Allow adhesive to bond for 12 hours before using tub or shower.

Maintenance: Clean treads with non-abrasive, mild detergent. When using bath oil, pour oil into filled tub rather than directly onto treads. For removal of treads, use Goo Gone®.

What do they feel like?

They feel like textured plastic.

Can you clean the tub while the treads are attached?

Yes, but while cleaning the safety treads use a non-abrasive, mild detergent. When using bath oil, pour oil into filled tub rather than directly onto treads.

How long do these safety treads last?

If applied correctly these should last for years.

Can these be used on a tiled floor shower?

As long as the tiles are flat, smooth and dry the treads will adhere well.

Can these be used on a textured tub floor?

No, this product only works on flat, smooth surfaces.

Magic Safety Treads help prevent slips and falls. These self-adhesive treads provide an easy solution for improved grip on bathtub and shower surfaces.