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Lemon Oil

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Prevent fine wood finishes from drying out with Weiman Lemon Oil. Containing only the purest oils, it imparts a lustrous shine that resists fingerprints, provides UV protection, and smells of fresh lemons.

  1. Apply to a clean, soft cloth then wipe onto surface.
  2. Rub in a circular motion until polish has penetrated the surface.
  3. Dry and buff using a clean soft cloth.
Will this product leave streaks?

No, it is formulated to not leave any streaks or residue on the surface and is meant to be buffed to a shine.

Can this be used on cutting boards?

No, this product is not food-safe.

How long does this product take to dry?

There is no need to wait for this product to dry, simply buff it in and enjoy the streak-free shine.

Can this be used on wood floors or stairs?

No, this product contains oil which could make the floor slippery.

What is the fragrance of this product?

This product has a lemon scent.

Can I use this on old or antique furniture?

Yes, this product is great for restoring the shine of old or antique furniture. It is especially recommended for teak, oak, Scandinavian and other low lustre finishes.

Does this product contain waxes or silicones?

This product does not contain waxes or silicones, unlike many other furniture polishes, which means it won’t build-up on the surface.

How often should I use this product?

We would recommend applying it at least every 6-12 months or more frequently as needed.

Weiman Lemon Oil soaks deep into each pore, enhancing wood's natural beauty, luster and shine.

  • Gently cleans, moisturizes & conditions wood
  • UVX-15 Sunscreen protects finishes from damaging UV rays
  • Prevents drying, fading, cracking & discoloration
  • No silicone or wax

Recommended for: All types of wood surfaces including antique wood furniture, tables, chairs, office/bedroom furniture, cabinets, panels, doors & trim.

Size: 16 fl oz