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Latex Paint Clean Up

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Our Latex Paint Clean Up formula conveniently clings to vertical surfaces, making it easy to clean spills, splatter, brushes, and more.

Works on wet and dried latex/acrylic/enamel paint, art/craft paint, varnish, shellac, caulk

  1. Remove unwanted spill by blotting or wiping with a clean cloth or paper towel.
  2. Apply Goo Gone Latex Paint Clean Up directly to the area and allow a few minutes for the product to start working.
  3. Wipe with a clean cloth, repeat if necessary.

Clothing: Do not treat while wearing.

  1. Apply to stained area and allow time for the stain to break up.
  2. Launder separately using extra detergent.

Painted Surfaces: Apply to white cloth and blot or wipe the spill.


Does this work on dried latex paint?


Should I spray this directly onto the paint spills?

We recommend spraying this onto a clean cloth, microfiber cloth or paper towel then applying that to the stain.

Avoid prolonged exposure on finished wood and sealed surfaces.

Size: 24 fl. oz. bottle