A Little Bit of Lemon Heaven

It’s time to ditch the over scented candles, fragrance aerosol spray cans, humidifiers and all the pluggable scented air fresheners. Take control of your baby’s nursery with the Gonzo Natural Magic Garbage Odor Eliminator.

Whether you’re a parent or pet owner, you’re looking for the next top odor eliminator that neutralizes odors.  The Garbage Odor Eliminator goes beyond masking odors, it permanently neutralizes life’s toughest odors, from smelly garbage cans, reeking diapers, musty pet cages, to rotten car smells and much more.

Remove Diaper Pail Odors with Gonzo

Instructions for Using Garbage Odor Eliminator in Diaper Pails

  1. Peel off the protective paper from adhesive pad
  2. Center the Garbage Odor Eliminator in the diaper pail top and stick to the surface
  3. Apply another odor eliminator to the base of the diaper pail by sticking it to the surface

Gonzo’s Odor Eliminator works wonders in small areas around the house; keeping the air fresh with a burst of fresh lemon scent. This versatile product is ideal for parents dealing with stinky diapers daily. This product allows for parents to take full control of their life by placing a Gonzo Garbage Odor Eliminator in their diaper pail, eliminating the smelly and lingering aroma of dirty diapers. Forgetting to empty the pail is no longer a hazardous incident, with Gonzo Garbage Odor Eliminator.

Whether, your using the multipurpose Gonzo Odor Eliminator for your baby’s diaper pail or placing it in your garbage can to get rid of the lingering fish smell, Gonzo always has you covered.  The Gonzo Garbage Odor Eliminator is like no other making it ideal for eliminating odor in small places.

Popular areas to place the Gonzo Garbage Odor Eliminator:

Garbage Can

Getting rid of old Chinese food or a rotten banana…don’t leave a lurking trail of smell.

Near Pet Crate

Diaper Pail

Don’t assault your nose when your husband forgets to empty the diaper pail, again.



Did you leave your frappuccino behind in the car, during a hot day and now your car smells like rotten caramelized milk? We can relate.

Work Desk

Is that cheese or your neighbors’ stinky feet…let Gonzo give you a breather.

Litter Box


Get rid of the lingering brussel sprout aroma by placing a Gonzo pack right in your trash can.