How to Disinfect Plastic Toys


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“Uh-oh Mommy” . . . those dreaded words . . .

I cringe and respond, “What happened, Kiera?”

Yes, my 3-year-old is potty-trained, but that doesn’t mean she still doesn’t sometimes miss or get there a little too late. Next thing I know little figurines, Duplo Legos, or trains are covered in urine. The good thing is she almost always tells me, and unlike my boys, she’s ready and willing to clean up . . . “I’ll help you, Mommy!”

I can’t help but smile, “It’s okay, Kiera. I got this.”I wish I could tell you that’s the worst of it, but keep in mind, I have 4 kids. Just last week I forgot to put a diaper on my 10-month-old after he got out of the bath. After helping my toddler dry off, I discovered that the baby had pooped on the floor and then it (the poop) on the wall and all over his toys. If you think I’m making this up, check out my Instagram stories sometime. Of course, let’s not forget about the fact that we are living through the Coronavirus pandemic . . . how could my anxiety for keeping things clean not be through the roof? With cleaning products selling out everywhere, it can feel very overwhelming . . . fortunately I was recently introduced to Gonzo Natural Magic products. Gonzo Natural Magic Disinfectant Deodorizer & Cleaner Spray is a 3-in-1 disinfectant, cleaner, and deodorizer that kills bacteria in less than 10 minutes. Yes, it’s EPA registered to kill Human Coronavirus.

My favorite thing about these products?

Obviously, a big part of it is the relief that my kids’ toys (along with my kitchen and bathroom countertops) are clean and disinfected. But really, it’s the fact that they keep everything smelling clean and fresh - I love the smell of both lavender and citrus. They are my go-to scents for a lot of things. Gonzo Natural Magic Disinfectant Deodorizer & Cleaner Spray can eliminate mold/mildew odors, musty odors, pet accident odors, and smoke odors.

There are so many smells at my house - the older boys coming in from playing sports, a toddler perfecting her potty training, and a baby who gets into EVERYTHING (including his own poop). Let’s just say I prefer the smell of lavender and citrus to these any day! Sometimes I just clean so I can take advantage of the sweet smells.

So here’s some details on how I disinfect toys with Gonzo: (Note the toys must be non-porous hard surfaces, like glass, plastic, metal, and varnished wood) I try to do this about once a week, especially since I have a teething baby and a toddler who sucks her thumb.

  • Separate the toys I want to clean in a bin or lie them out so they are ready to go. Again, make sure they are only ones that have non-porous hard surfaces. I live in California so this means I often take them outside, which will allow them to dry faster in the sun.
  • Spray the toys with Gonzo Natural Magic Disinfectant Deodorizer & Cleaner Spray - undiluted.
  • Let the toys sit for 10 minutes. I’ll take this time to play with the kids or read them a book.
  • Rinse with water - if I’m outside it’s easy to just take a hose to everything or just dump some water on them (This can be fun for the older kids too.). If I’m inside I’ll rinse in the sink or wipe them dry with a wet cloth.
  • Let air dry. I’ll either put the sanitized toys on a towel outside or on a table to let them dry.
  • Enjoy the sweet smells of lavender or citrus!

By the way, I don’t ONLY use Gonzo Natural Magic Disinfectant Deodorizer & Cleaner Spray on toys. I use it in my bathroom and kitchen countertops too. I keep the citrus under my sink in the kitchen and the lavender under my bathroom sinks for easy access. I know there are a lot of things that can feel out of our control as parents. Having Gonzo Natural Magic Disinfectant Deodorizer & Cleaner Spray on hand feels like just one thing I can do to keep my house sanitized and deodorized. This way next time my neighbor asks if our girls can trade doll strollers for the week, I can take a deep breath knowing I have a solid cleaning solution when Kiera’s stroller returns. Thank you, Gonzo!

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