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Bathtub Mat

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Ease your worries of slipping and falling in the shower with the Magic Bathtub Mat. Suction cups hold it in place and the slip resistant surface provides firm footing.


Unpacking Instructions: Remove outer packaging. Unfold mat and flatten before initial use. Soak in warm water to help release folds.

Usage Instructions:

  1. When ready to use, wet tub floor and place bath mat suction cup side down on the wetted surface.
  2. Press firmly on suction cups to secure them in place.
  3. Proceed to use taking care when stepping on and o the mat.
  4. Peel back the mat when finished using
  5. Repeat above steps after each use


  • Use only per label directions.
  • Do not use on textured, uneven or dirty surfaces.
  • Make sure the bath mat is firmly secured to the tub before each use.
  • Bath soaps and oils may reduce mat’s performance and safety. Clean mat and tub regularly to prevent slippery residue build-up.
What are the dimensions of the mat?

15.3” x 25” (38.8cm x 63.5cm)

Magic Bathtub Mat helps prevent slips and falls. The integrated suction cups adhere to bathtub surfaces to keep it in place, and the slip resistance surface provides firm footing.